HFO Torrance, a certified Haas rotary repair center,  will have your rotary equipment up and running like new. Our dedicated staff with over 12 years of experience will provide comprehensive service, quality, and craftmanship. Manage downtime! Rental and loaner units are available, so your shop's workflow can be uninterrupted. Our rotary repair department's turn around times are the fastest in the industry-your productivity doesn't have to suffer. 

Severance T5C Before.jpg Severance HRT210 Before.jpg
 Before & After   Before & After 

Severance T5C After.jpg

Severance HRT210 After.jpg

Fill out the form below to contact the repair center. HFO Torrance will efficiently and effectively diagnose and repair your machine according to manufacturer standards.  You will be contacted with a return authorization number that must be attached to the indexer/rotary unit before it is shipped for repair.