Frequently Asked Questions: Preventative Maintenance


Service Contract FAQs 

Q: Why is it called a “5 Year Partnership” if I am only purchasing 4 years of the service contract?

A: Because the first year is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  So by investing in 4 years of a service contract, you are covering your machine for the first 5 full years of ownership.


Q: If my machine is covered by a service contract, when will the included PM be scheduled?

A: If the contract is prepaid, we will contact you approximately 30 days prior to the anniversary date of the machine install to schedule the PM inspection.  We like to choose a date that is on or near that anniversary date that fits with your production requirements.

 If you are paying for the contract on a year by year basis, we will send the invoice for the contract approximately 30 days before that contract is up for renewal and will schedule the PM when payment is received. 

 The one exception to this is that the first PM will be scheduled 1-2 months prior to the warranty expiration date.  This will allow us to address any issues that we find under the 1 year factory warranty.


Q What if I am just too busy to schedule the PM near the anniversary date?

A: That is fine.  We realize everyone has production requirements that need to take priority.  However, to be able to offer this contract, we need to have access to the machine to ensure that problems are not building up, only to cause catastrophic failure later.  This is in both our interest.  If the PM is pushed back a couple of weeks or even a month or two, that is OK.  We will still schedule the PM for the following year on or near the next anniversary date.  If the PM cannot be scheduled for several months, we need to have a conversation about that specific situation.  We may not be able to offer a service contract on that particular machine.


Q: Can my PM be scheduled on a weekend?

A: Yes, but the contract pricing is based on performing the maintenance during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – non holidays).  We can make accommodations to start an hour or two early or stay and hour or two late, but for weekend inspections there will be an additional charge billed separately from the contract.


Q: Are travel charges included in the published pricing?

A: Yes and No.  Yes for any PM or service work done on a service contract.  But travel time is not included in the standalone PM pricing.  Travel for a standalone PM will be charged at our normal Zone travel charges.


Q: If service is working on a contract machine and we have him work on non-contract machine that same day, will we get charged travel charge?

A: You will not get charged travel charge for that day, but if the service tech needs to return the following day to continue work on the non-contract machine, normal travel charges will apply. Normal service rates will, of course, apply for all time that the tech is working on the non-contract machine.


Q: Can we purchase the service contract for any machine in our shop?

A: The pricing on this website for service contracts is for new machines only.  Beyond the 5 year anniversary of the machine install, we can still do an inspection at our published rate for standalone PM, but older machines are not qualified to be on a service contract at this time. If you have an existing machine that is less than 5 years old, and you are interested in a service contract, contact our office for pricing and conditions.


Q: Is there a discount available for purchasing 2 or 3 years of service contract in advance?

A: No.  The 10% discount is available for customers that purchase 4 years of service contracts to cover the first 5 years of ownership. 


Q: If we purchase the laser calibration, is that a onetime charge and the machine will be calibrated every year?

A: No, the cost of the laser calibration is for each time the machine is calibrated. Pricing Available on the  Planned Preventative Maintenance Page.

Updated December 11, 2018